The blush theme continues—then I’m done, promise—because pink and all things feminine are still having its moment, and I’m still totally on board. If you’re rolling your eyes right now, then go straight to GOOP’s brilliantly-titled NOT PINK SHOP, where everything is, actually, pink!

Today we’re applying rose-colored-lenses to your favorite morning ritual—coffee, or tea. I don’t drink coffee, but I love to serve it, especially French press. I have many French presses at home—glass and ceramic and copper—all loved and used—and a few I only pull out for special occasions. What most people don’t know is that a French press is also a brilliant way to serve tea. I use ours to steep whole tea leaves, herbs, citrus (fresh or dried) and other aromatics in hot water for three to 5 minutes, then press down to pour a beautiful blend out of the spout—heady and warming elixirs of my choosing. This is a great trick if you want more than one cup, or if your’e serving tea for a crowd. Here are a few of my favorite gifts for the coffee or tea lover in your life.


ETSY || ONLINE (top)

This gorgeous ceramic french press with copper press is a masterpiece of form and function. This color (above) is called Sand, but it will read blushy or more coral, depending on the light. It also comes in white and grey. Be sure to wrap the vessel very well, including securing tissue all around the delicate handle, if you’re shipping or traveling with your gifts—you’ll thank yourself when the loved one on the other end opens this masterpiece. BTW, Etsy is a dangerous, slippery slope for me (so many beautiful things) but if you dare to dig further, you can see many of my shop favorites here.


This is a tiny cheat because I already mentioned these tiny espresso cups, (above) a couple of days ago—but in the meantime I kind of fell in love with them. They’re tiny and lovely and though I normally prefer a more matte glaze, this just feels so right. If you want a whole set and these feel a bit too steep at this price, this is the kind of thing you can SOMETIMES find when you’re not even looking for them, at a thrift store or antique shop. Keep your eyes peeled.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 11.50.39 PM.png

LEIFF || ONLINE (above)

This duo is everything I love about a winter warm-drink routine—even hot cocoa for that matter. Imagine these nougat ceramic dishes (right) piled with fat square marshmallows, or a little biscuit or cookie for dipping, or just a pretty place to rest your spoon. The quirkily named miscellaneous glazed mugs (left) come in neutrals and pinks and the kind of speckled brown that remind me both of puppies and meringue streaked with chocolate. Yum.



If you want to go all the way with your gift, hunt down some coffee from Canyon Coffee in L.A. (above); their Tolima Especial from Columbia has a gorgeous pink label and is $19 for a pound (free shipping if you order two)—but more importantly, it has earned its cult following for a reason. Canyon Coffee describes it as “sweet and clear flavor, with the creamy body we love.” Sold. Go the extra mile with one of these 12 pink female-forward coffee table books that are sure to delight anyone who savors a slow print read while they sip.

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