Sorry for the crazy food porn. It’s for your own good. We’re taking a break from gift guide for a minute because pumpkin pie withdrawal is a real thing. Especially if, like me, you sort of skipped Thanksgiving this year and have had nary a sliver of whip-cream-topped pumpkin custard all season. It’s not good.

Don’t worry, I’m here for you. This milkshake will do the trick. Indulgent (check), fast (check), and totally fair game until the bearded guy makes his way down the chimney in about 30 days. Chances are canned pumpkin (go for pure pumpkin, organic if you can—NOT pumpkin pie filling) is even on sale at the grocery store this week.


You’ll have to go over to New York Time’s Cooking to get the recipe. Yep, that’s how this works. But it is painless. And I also highly suggest you get and use the (FREE!) app, which is wonderful. You can bookmark all your favorites, find all my recipes there just by searching my name, and also find the work of a dozen other cookbook authors and recipe creators I mostly know and absolutely trust. In a world of billions of (un-tested!) recipes floating in cyberspace, that is saying a lot.

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  • Photos // Linda Xiao for The New York Times

  • Food styling // Monica Pierini