* GIFT GUIDE || MORE BLUSHY + BEAUTIFUL Ceramics (+ Kitchen tools)


I can’t imagine a better way to start the day than with something beautiful in your hand, making a meal for people you love, or even just yourself. I’m a stickler for practical, durable items in the kitchen— but if it’s something I’m going to use every day and leave on my counter, I also want it to be lovely to look at. Call me crazy (or frivolous) but I believe the way we start our day matters, and surrounding myself with beauty helps me rise above the fray of urgent-feeling emails, milk spills and a thousand tiny dried rice crumbs on the floor from last night’s dinner. These two shops always hit the sweet spot for really luxe feeling goods.



Nikole Herriot makes and curates some of the loveliest kitchen goods of all time. As a photographer and stylist, her eye for detail is second to none. Have you ever seen such a stunning citrus juicer? Admittedly, this Chef’n super-tool is my daily use juicer—but I have juicers of all kinds that I love, and use—and this would be a welcome addition. If there’s a citrus fantastic in your household, a cocktail aficionado, or anyone who appreciates the fine and handmade, they will love this white porcelain juicer, made in Montreal (top). This handmade powder pink jug (above, left), for cream, syrup or dressings, made in the UK by Sue Pryke, is also a stunner, and at a very handsome price. HG’s stoneware casseroles (above, right), made in Brooklyn by Workaday Handmade, come in various sizes and colors from white and pink, to black and green and are beautiful but still practical oven to table ready.



This dreamy porcelain scoop (above, left) from Atelier Make, in Montreal, may seem a little indulgent for your own flour bins, especially if you bake with kids as much as I do, but imagine giving this to the hobbyist baker, candy enthusiast (ahem, grandmas who love scooping out treats Willy Wanka style to their grandbabies) or a friend, like me, who dreams of one day opening their own little shop. It’s just the thing. It also comes in grey, green and plain white. While you’re there, AM’s tumblers, espresso cups and petite, double handled kiddy cups (above, right) are absolute treasures.

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