I’m all about blushes, cotton and mustards this year, and my gift guides—this is the first of several you’ll find here this week— admittedly, steer feminine. I’m rather excited about that, this year more than ever. Consider this your go-to guide for the ladies in your life—your best friend the consummate hostess, your boss or partner, your mother or mother-in-law, your babysitter, or adored neighbor.

In the following week, I’ll be sharing all of my favorites on these pages —from kitchen ware to cookbooks to the clothes I love most for my kids—the kind of goods you’ll see on the pages of my cookbooks, on my instagram, inside my home and under our tree this year. I hope you enjoy. xo


Brad Lail and Jenny Bowskill are a powerhouse potter and designer duo, turning out stunning, hand-made pieces from their kiln near Woodstock, NY. You can buy their pieces at a select few shops around the Hudson Valley, including Clove + Creek in Kingston’s Roundout, —but they also sell online, which means no matter where you live, these blushes, mustards and deep emerald greens can be gracing your table. I’m a huge fan of their stunningly-shaped Ramen Bowl, which I’m collecting in every color, along with the ample (and dishwasher + microwave safe!) dinner plates and my all-time favorite, the large pitcher which I’ve used as a water server and a flower vase at all my recent dinners, including this Sobremesa supper and my recent FEED Supper at Ravenwood, NY.


Food 52 has a rotating collection of stock and one-of-a-kind exclusives on their site at any given time that I almost always adore—like this their limited edition blush ombre mug by Fisheye Brooklyn, which I’m dreaming of having a whole set of. Occasionally I’m heartbroken to fall in love with an item that’s already sold out, but they’re immediately replaced with something I love just as much—and, it reminded me to check back for other beauties like their organic ceramic dinnerware in blushes and creams (including mugs!) and their hand thrown dipped ceramic mug by Shelter Collection in cottons and greys—all gorgeous in shape and color. Their hand thrown dipped ceramic tea stein, by Shelter Collection (below, right), goes the extra mile for those who like to serve tea for a crowd after a meal, or are looking for a modern take on the classic water pitcher.

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