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The other day, I fielded a VERY IMPORTANT question via Instagram about my Chocolate Chip Cookies for Modern Times: DO THEY BLONDIE?

Why, yes! I hadn’t thought of it because, frankly, blondies are often too dry or too sweet or just a bit too meh for my taste. But, the potential of blondies is obvious: uniformly moist, chewy cookies with relatively little crust (unless you choose an edge piece). And in the vein of easy and modern (as my cookies promise to be)—blondies are the even faster, even easier answer.

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A Chocolate Chip Cookie, For Modern Times

You’re going out on the limb when you set out to makeover the world’s most iconic cookie, especially one you’ve already somewhat famously madeover before. But, I’ve decided not to take cookie baking so seriously in my next decade of life, and that’s just how these Chocolate Chip Cookies for Modern Times came to be in my new book, Every Day is Saturday. I wanted o have a little fun and make something beautiful, super satisfying, overtly chocolatey while still a smidge toward healthyish on the cookie barometer…


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