Fall brings with it all the cravings, for cozy sweaters, roasted aromas, plums and grapes and pears and with them, the kind of creamy toasted…..

Something easy, but earthy. Something spectacularly seeming with a secretly low workload behind it. Goat cheese toast delivers on this. Starting with honey chevre, which has a subtle sweetness that makes it palatable to even my four-year-old, you can top it with

To amp up the wow factor, I’ve seasoned my honey chevre with fennel seed, black pepper and maldon, and served it potted like a pate might be on a cheeseboard. Then, I popped a few clusters of grapes into the oven at high heat with salt and pepper and oil and yes, more fennel. It’s surprising how this anise-forward seed brings out the best of fall, and doesn’t overpower the sweet grape but instead, tempers them just a bit, keeping them feeling savory.

Clip with small scissors or pull off individual grapes to top your toasts.

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For Labor Day weekend, you don’t need something fancy, and certainly nothing laborious, that pulls you away from soaking in the last bits of summer, that eeks into your good long chill in a hammock or the chance to catch the way the sun hits your daughter’s pink, freckled nose. No, this weekend you need something easy and—without a doubt—you need something make ahead. Because after all, even summering hard until the back to school bell rings on


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When I entertain, I like there to be a main event--a centerpiece that speaks of abundance, but also ease: a signal to both me and my guests that there will be plenty here, but we can relax and settle into it without a lot of shuffling about. This main event should be made or purchased ahead, and can look like a giant pork shoulder braised to a juicy, succulent tenderness, or a bountiful wheel of cheese, a no-hold’s bar approach to the cheese platter that we’ve all grown to know and love. There’s no worry of leaving enough for the person to your right or your left, just a welcome mat to heartily enjoy. 

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A Chocolate Chip Cookie, For Modern Times

You’re going out on the limb when you set out to makeover the world’s most iconic cookie, especially one you’ve already somewhat famously madeover before. But, I’ve decided not to take cookie baking so seriously in my next decade of life, and that’s just how these Chocolate Chip Cookies for Modern Times came to be in my new book, Every Day is Saturday. I wanted o have a little fun and make something beautiful, super satisfying, overtly chocolatey while still a smidge toward healthyish on the cookie barometer…


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For four years running, I’ve been hosting a FEED Supper for my community, in Upstate New York. It started simply, as a good excuse to gather friends for FEED foundation’s efforts to end childhood hunger, a cause that’s always been near and dear to my heart—but the FEED Supper campaign has grown to mean so much more to me, and this whole community I now call home. This year, our FEED Supper was photographed and included in this months issue of DOMINO MAGAZINE, my all time favorite! Read on for more details….

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Every year for Christmas during my childhood, my dad would receive hundreds of holidays gifts from his patients—almost always food— tins of handmade peanut brittle, lush boxes with freshly baked pastry and pies, and cello-wrapped baskets brimming with crackers, cookies, sparkling wine and cheeses galore. It was one of the perks of being a family doctor. For my siblings and I, it was one of the perks of being his kid—those sweet December days when the atrium (where we ate breakfast and dinner every day) ran over with an endless parade of sweets.

I tend to still love food gifts for the holidays—handmade or carefully curated purchased ones—boxes of perfectly ripe pears and tins of caramel popcorn still harken Christmas to me. They speak of love and —even if not perfectly matched to individual taste, thoughtfulness. Maybe you don’t have time to bake this season—I hear you. That’s where this guide comes in. These Eight Practically Handmade goodies can make their way to the houses of your dear ones in just one click. They’re worth every penny.

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I think we all know by now that a cheeseboard (or meat board, or fruit and veg board) is the easiest, fastest way to serve a crowd. It’s the best trick I learned from my own mom back in the 80s, and though the boards have gotten more beautiful (she used carved wooden boards shaped like leaves, with grooves and curves for dips), the concept is the same: fast, easy, filling, beautiful, abundant snacking for all. With the right board, even the simplest spread can ready fancy. Here are my favorite ten (+ accessories) under $100.

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Sobremesa Supper with Hops Petunia and Sunday Suppers

Often, I write about my children. Not because I don't have other interests (i do), but because being a mother is the thing I always knew I wanted. Between childhood ambitions as a pediatrician, a missionary (yes, really!), a UNICEF ambassador, or later, the creator of a chic Indie mag (still working on that one), mothering is the thing I always knew I would do—where my whole heart would go before and after and between all the rest. This is still true.

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