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The other night, I went searching for an old photo of gooseberry pie by using the keyword “PIE” on my iPhone’s photo search bank. Exactly 249 images came up of pies or tarts I’d made between 2012 and today—Chocolate Silk Pies and Triple Berry Pies, Apple Tart Tatins and Huckleberry Galettes, Blueberry Lattice Pies and Sour Cream Apple Tarts, Double Crust Cherry Pies and perfectly custardy Pumpkin.

I know pies. But today, fast and unapologetically unfussy are my calling card. Take a rhubarb galette….


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I always want to give my post a poetic title, like Salad for One (if, you consider that poetic), but conventional internet wisdom tells me you want recipes, and you want to know exactly what is in them. The problem with a long recipe title is the same problem with a long ingredient list—it’s a mouthful, and perhaps at times, off-putting. Don’t let that scare you off. This is a gem, a real killer. I promise.

This isn’t just any salad. This is the kind of salad I skipped Saturday brunch with my family to put down on paper for you. One so good I didn’t even share a single bite with them the day I made it. And that doesn’t happen very often. Sure, I like a good salad. You might even say I love a crisp, bracing plate of veg—but not to the point of greed.

But, when you take the time to make a salad this fresh and good and nourishing—this SATISFYING—you might occasionally reserve the right to enjoy it all for yourself, too. You’ll see why. (Skip below for the recipe).

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It is not a mistake that a simple, arresting radish and parmesan salad appears on the front cover of my book FEAST (which came out 5 years ago) and that a radish, kale and citrus salad is headlining my journal today--feeling as fresh and new as ever. Radish salad never goes out of style.

t’s right at home in the middle of winter--starring dense watermelon radishes and shiny pink turnips shaved into wispy rounds, and elevated with juicy, fleshy citrus (above)--and yet it’s absolutely the right thing to do come spring and summer, when delicate easter egg and punchy globe radishes appear.

To master the art…

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A CLEAN START // 3 Simple PATHS to a Healthier YOU

Happy New Year! Hooray, it’s January, we get a fresh start, and we all want to make the best of it. We want to be our best, feel our best, look our best and EAT OUR BEST.

There are a whole lot of programs set up to help you adhere to a healthier lifestyle—most are thoughtful and well planned out (I love Bon Ap’s FEEL GOOD FOOD PLAN) but most are also too much work for me. My approach is more subtle, understated. To Wit: Last year, I vowed to myself to never drive somewhere I could walk to—including either of my kids’ schools—no matter the weather. And with a few exceptions, I stuck to it. It was a simple attainable goal. This year, my manifesto is: MOVE EVERY DAY. I’m not committing to 40 minutes or 20 minutes of running, I haven’t joined a new gym or promised I will make it to yoga three times a week. If I did, I might not keep up. But MOVE EVERY DAY? I can do that—it’s a simple as walk my son to school, and keep walking after he’s all settled in. All I have to do is walk, say, until my head is clear or my legs ache or my lungs feel deeply full of air. Emails can wait 30 more minutes....

I take the same approach to HEALTHIER EATING. It has to be SIMPLE, ATTAINABLE, and SUSTAINABLE (something I can keep up with WAY beyond January!) I’ve boiled my past successes down to the THREE EASY avenues that I suspect could work for any of you.

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